Welcome to Pinnacle Physical Therapy

by Phil on July 7, 2012

Pinnacle Physical Therapy offers

Physical Wellness Screens

A Physical Wellness Screen is a one on one visit designed to evaluate a client’s musculoskeletal health and tailor a program of exercises that will help to prevent injury and optimize your function. You bring your goals to the evaluation and one of our expert therapists will take a comprehensive history, assess your flexibility, strength, posture and balance and assist you in developing a pathway towards your stated goals. Those goals might range from weight loss to running a marathon to preventing falls to protecting your rotator cuff from injury while starting a new exercise routine. Elite and aspiring athletes may benefit from a lactate threshold test while others may need a balance assessment in order to develop a fall prevention program.

Physical therapists are uniquely qualified to asses musculosketal and neuromuscular health as they relate to basic activities of daily living or the elite physical requirements of a chosen sport. Some of the things we look at include gait (walking or running), balance, strength, flexibility, core strength, posture, range of motion and past injury or other significant history. We synthesize this information into a program or exercises that will assist you in reaching your stated goals.

Cyclists may benefit from a bike fitting analysis. Bring your bike and have your riding posture analyzed for optimum performance.

Clients with underlying medical problems like osteoporosis may benefit from fall prevention education

Runners may benefit from a running gait analysis, foot and ankle postural assessment and orthotics assessment.

Anyone with a history of cardiovascular disease may benefit from education in general physical fitness parameters

Golfers may benefit from a swing analysis, flexibility measurements core strength assessment

Ski racers may benefit from a comprehensive balance assessment similar to the US Ski Team parameters measuring optimal function.

You bring your goals and we will help you in reaching your full potential!